Murdock Manufacturing Celebrates 165 Years in Business

Murdock Manufacturing, a United States-based, independently run family business, is celebrating 165 years of delivering clean and safe drinking water to cities and towns across the U.S. and communities around the world.

Back in 1853 when John G. Murdock Sr. started his business, many people were still drawing drinking water from common wells. Ahead of its time, Murdock Manufacturing opened its first offices in Cincinnati and started engineering and manufacturing a line of frost-free hydrants.

Many of those early hydrants are still in use today because of their simple design and heavy-duty features. Murdock Manufacturing was also involved in important projects like the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Tennessee Valley Administration (TVA), and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) when so many public projects were built in the ‘30’s.

Today, you’ll find Murdock drinking fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers and hydrants on military bases; in national, state and municipal parks; farms; homes; cemeteries; campgrounds; golf courses; and with high-speed rail, Amtrak —anywhere people need potable drinking water indoors or out.

Murdock is consistently adapting to the times and has added ADA accessible water fountains; indoor water coolers; bottle fillers; outdoor showers for beaches, parks, and recreational environments; post, wall, and ground/floor hydrants; and pet fountains and showers. You’ll find Murdock around the world!

In fact, bottle fillers, water fountains, and water coolers have become so ubiquitous that we’ve encouraged our customers to use them as a branding opportunity or to promote team spirit. Murdock® Manufacturing has the unique ability to match all our hydration stations to any existing Pantone® color swatch allowing them to become part of your design instead of having to design around them. With an array of options in body style, number of drinking stations, custom colors, logos, graphics and finishes, Murdock outdoor drinking fountains, pet fountains and bottle fillers can be customized to suit parks, golf courses, sports arenas and more.

Because of our positive reputation for long lasting products and strong relationships with our many parks and recreation clients, in 2005 we expanded by joining forces with building manufacturer Super Secur, a division of Morris Group International. Owned by three generations of the Morris family, Super Secur manufactures a complete line of restroom, shower, concession and storage buildings. In addition, they feature a large number of plumbing fixtures that suit the extreme needs of the recreation and industrial markets. These buildings are pre-engineered to exacting standards, allowing quick on-site erection and completion.

Bob Murdock is the fifth-generation Murdock and follows in the footsteps of other family members who guided the company into what it is today. “We are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer, engineering and building our own products from the ground up every single day. We are an independent company which means we do not answer to private equity or outside investors; we answer only to our employees, our sales teams and to our customers. Our family members can be our harshest critics and our loudest cheerleaders,” said Murdock.

Murdock is not just a family-run business in the sense of its founders and current leadership. Bob’s friend and partner, Don Morris, also believes in the strength of the family business. Though they may not be directly related, both Bob and Don feel their employees are family as well. It’s not unusual for them to be handing out service pins to employees who have been with the company for 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years or more! It’s not unusual to come across family members working in different departments throughout the company.

Murdock, a member of Morris Group International, has approximately 1800 employees around the world. Not only are they all part of one big MGI family, many employees are also literal family in the sense that their sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins work at the company. Annual picnics feel a lot more like a family reunion than a company event.

“In today’s changeable society, I’m very proud of that fact,” said Murdock. “We were able to survive and thrive these 165 years because of the encouragement and capabilities of my family, our employees and through the great partnerships that we have. That’s what makes it work. It doesn’t happen by itself; it happens because of dedicated and hard-working good people. 165 years later, we are all still driven to carry on the tradition of manufacturing the highest quality products that last a lifetime.”

Murdock Manufacturing and Morris Group International

Murdock Manufacturing is a family business and a member of Morris Group International. Morris Group International includes 25 divisions, partnerships and 9 locations worldwide. From stainless steel toilets to engineered plumbing and drainage products, to vacuum plumbing systems, the products our divisions and partnerships produce come out of manufacturing facilities in North America ready to meet the needs of any construction or building project. With over 75 patents and thousands of products, Morris Group International has more than 1800 employees and over 2 million square feet of office, warehouse, and manufacturing space worldwide.

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