Rounded Box, Barrier-Free, Wall Mount Water Cooler with Vandal Resistant Button
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Rounded Box, Barrier-Free, Wall Mount Water Cooler with Vandal Resistant Button

Model Number:  A151.8-VR Series
This Water Cooler unit includes a Barrier-Free, Rounded Box Drinking Fountain with a round vandal resistant pushbutton. An in-wall chiller assembly is supplied to provide 8 gallons (30.3 liters) per hour refrigeration. Though a 21 inch (53.3 cm) wide trim panel with louvered grille is provided, a Mounting Frame (A0000000-MF3) must be ordered (available at no additional cost).

The patented Push Button Auto Stop featureis part of our new A15VR units. It seamlessly incorporates the heavy-duty VR button for additional security while allowing easy access to the push button for routine maintenance.

How does Murdock do this? As an extra feature, an integral fine screen strainer, captures any small debris in the supply line, preventing it from entering the push button cartridge. When the strainer is removed, the water flow to the cartridge is stopped, allowing easy front access for its removal and replacement. Once the retaining ring is snugged down after cartridge replacement and the strainer is returned to its position, the stream height exiting the bubbler is easily adjusted right from the front of the button. Remember, this is ALL done without the time-consuming disassembly of the unit for routine maintenance!

Regularly Furnished:
Standard Model
A151408S-VR- All-Stainless Steel with Lead-Free Stainless Bubbler

Popular Options include:
A151208__-VR- Bronze Finish
A151308__-VR- High Polish Gold
A151408__-VR-HP-High Polish Statinless Steel 
A151__08F-VR- Flexible bubbler 

-WF1- Water Filter 1,500 Gallon (5,678.12 Liter) Service Life

Other options are available including custom graphics & colors; see Options/Variations Tab and/or Submittal

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