H2O to go!™ Retrofit Deck Mount Sensor Operated Bottle Filler

Model Number:  BF12R Series

A Design as Refreshing as the Water it Serves!
Fill up. Cool down. Get going. H2O to go! Indoor Bottle Fillers are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. With a slimmer body and more inviting aesthetics than traditional bottle fillers, H2O to go! ensures maximum style, functionality and hydration.

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The H2O to go!™ water cooler mounted bottle Filler is available for retrofit applications.

The retrofit kit also includes a new rear sloped basin/deck design to replace existing Murdock (Acorn) A171, A172, A111, A112 Series Barrier-Free Water Cooler. The new deck will contour the thin, sleek, architectural profile of the H2O to go!™ bottle filler.

The BF12 Bottle Filler may be used with competitors water coolers. Please contact Murdock Customer Service for details.

Regularly Furnished:

BF12R - Sensor Operated Bottle Filler unit with retrofit deck/basin for Murdock (Acorn) A171, A111, A172, A112 Series Water Cooler

Popular Options include:
-BCD- Bottle Counter Display with "Replace Filter" Prompt and LED Lighting 

Other options may be vailable see Options List and/or Submittal

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