Barrier-Free Wall Mount Universal Bi-Level Drinking Fountain - No Refrigeration

Model Number:  A172UBL Series
Model A172UBL Series is a self-contained, pressurized universal bi-level drinking fountain. Basin shall be constructed from 304 stainless steel and have an integral drain. Cabinet shall be either galvanized steel with granite powder coat or stainless steel. Fixture meets ADA, ADA Standing Person, and ADA Child requirements when mounted appropriately. Murdock's Maintenance Advantage design allows for easy maintenance and installation.

The unit does not have components for refrigerating the water, if refrigeration is desired see A172.8 Series Water Cooler.

Regularly Furnished:

Granite Finish, Flexible Bubbler, No Refrigeration

Granite Finish, Lead-Free Stainless Steel, No Refrigeration

All-Stainless Steel, Flexible Bubbler, No Refrigeration

All-Stainless Steel, Lead-Free Stainless Steel, No Refrigeration

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Manual A172UBL Series (No Refrigeration) Drinking Fountain (pdf)Barrier-Free Wall Mount Universal Bi-Level Drinking Fountain - No Refrigeration [Standard Models A172100F-UBL, A172400F-UBL]1638 KBView