Barrier-Free Sensor-Activated Wall Mount Bi-Level Water Cooler

Model Number:  A172.8SO Series
A172.8SO Series self-contained, pressurized bi-level water cooler that delivers a minimum of 8.0 GPH (30.3 LPH) of water at 50°F (10°C) cooled from 80°F (26.7°C) inlet water and 90°F (32.2°C) ambient. Cabinet shall be either galvanized steel with granite powder coat or stainless steel.  Fixture meets ADA, ADA Standing Person, and ADA Child requirements when mounted appropriately.

A172SO Series, non-refrigerated drinking fountains are also available.

Regularly Furnished:

Note: none of these units are universal bi-level. The right (lower) unit is the sensor activated unit. The left (higher) unit has a standard rectangular pushbutton.


[Standard Model] Granite Finish Cabinet; Flexible Bubblers; 8 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration; 

[Standard Model] All-Stainless Steel Cabinet; Flexible Bubblers; 8 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration; 

Granite Finish Cabinet; Lead-Free Stainless Steel Bubblers; 8 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration; 

All-Stainless Steel Cabinet; Lead-Free Stainless Steel Bubblers; 8 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration

Granite Finish Cabinet; Flexible Bubblers; No Refrigeration 

All-Stainless Steel Cabinet; Flexible Bubblers; No Refrigeration; 

Granite Finish Cabinet; Lead-Free Stainless Steel Bubblers; No Refrigeration; 

All-Stainless Steel Cabinet; Lead-Free Stainless Steel Bubblers; No Refrigeration

Other variations are available (see Options/Variation Tab)

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NameDescriptionFile Size
Submittal A172.8SO Series (8 gph) Water Cooler (pdf)Barrier-Free Sensor-Activated Wall Mounted Bi-Level Water Cooler 8.0 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration [Standard Model A172108F-SO, A172408F-SO]694 KBDownload
Submittal A172SO (no refrigeration) Drinking Fountain (pdf)Barrier-Free Sensor-Activated Wall Mount Bi-Level Drinking Fountain - No Refrigeration [Standard Model A172100F-SO, A172400F-SO]688 KBDownload
NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual A172.8UBL Series (8 gph) Water Cooler (pdf)Barrier-Free Wall Mount Universal Bi-Level Water Cooler - 8 gph (30.3 lph) Refrigeration [Standard Models A172108F-UBL, A172408F-UBL]1864 KBView