Foot Pedal Operated Classic Style Cast Iron Drinking Fountain

Model Number:  M-1776
Model M-1776 Old Style is a drinking fountain of Victorian era design. The control valve is located below the frost line to provide freeze resistant functionality. Activating the pedal raises or lowers the internal supply and waste column, controlling the valve. Constructed of cast iron with cast brass bowl, all brass parts and a stainless steel mainspring, this drinking fountain is equipped with an automatic stream control. Model M-1776 is designed for year-round use, trouble-free reliability and easy maintenance.
Product Details
  • Mounting:  Pedestal
  • Material:  Cast Iron Pedestal , Cast Brass Bowl
  • No. of Stations:  1
  • Bury Depth:  2 Ft , 3 Ft , 4 Ft , 5 Ft , 6 Ft
  • Freeze-Resistance:  Yes
  • Activation:  Foot Pedal
  • Style:  Classic Style
  • Finish Available:  Black , Brown , Green
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Installing M-1776 Drinking FountainInstallation for Fountain M-1776124 KBView