Freeze Resistant Post Hydrant with Casing Guard, Removable T Handle Key, Large Inlet

Model Number:  M-3912 Series
The hydrant is available in 1.25 inches for inlet and hose connection (M-3912), 1.5 inch size (M-3913) and 2 inch size (M-3914)
Product Function:
Used where an above ground water outlet is required in areas which are subject to freezing temperatures. Freezing is prevented by burying the valve housing below the frost line and draining water from the casing after shut-off

Regularly Furnished:
Bronze non-freeze post hydrant with casti iron casing guard and T handle key; Inlet and hose connection size furnished as indicated by figure number selected; larger inlet and hose connection
Product Details
  • Mounting:  Post Mounted
  • Material:  Bronze
  • Inlet Size:  1-1/4"
  • Activation:  Loose Key
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Submittal M-3912, M-3913, M-3914 HydrantPost/Yard Type Hydrant 866 KBView


  • M-3912 1-1/4" Inlet
  • M-3913 1-1/2" Inlet
  • M-3914 2" Inlet