Freeze Resistant Roof Hydrant with Flow Wheel Lock Handle

Model Number:  M-3906
Product Function:
Provides water availability for window washing, cleaning of condenser coils, cooling towers and other types of roof equipment. Valve body is drilled and tapped with 1/8” drain hole which must be pipped to a drain location.

Regularly Furnished:
Non-freeze roof hydrant with Galvanized casing and adjustable flow whell lock handle; deck flange and under deck clamp; 0.75 female NPT inlet
Product Details
  • Mounting:  Roof Mounted
  • Material:  Galvanized Steel , Bronze
  • Freeze-Resistance:  Yes
  • Inlet Size:  3/4"
  • Activation:  Wheel Handle
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Submittal M-3906 Hydrant (pdf)Non-Freeze Sanitary Roof Hydrant with Flow Wheel Lock Handle (M-3906)N/ADownload