Bronze Ground Hydrant with Shallow Box and Small Inlets

Model Number:  M-3810 Series
This box ground hydrant is available with 0.75 inch inlet (M-3810) or 1 inch inlet (M-3810).
Product Function:
A hydrant with a hinged covered box, for positive protection against freezing when buried outside or in unheated areas and the closng valve is located below the frost line. When hydrant is hut off, water is drained from the casing through the drain hole in the valve housing. The locking cover prevents unauthorized use.

Regularly Furnished:
Bronze Non-Freeze Ground Hydrant with Loose "T" Handle Key and Bronze Hydrant Box, Inlet size furnished as indicated by figure number selected
Product Details
  • Mounting:  Flush Floor/Ground Mounted
  • Material:  Bronze
  • Inlet Size:  3/4"
  • Activation:  Loose Key
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NameDescriptionFile Size
Submittal M-3810, M-3811 HydrantBoxed Ground Hydrant 963 KBView


  • M-3810 3/4" Inlet
  • M-3811 1" Inlet