Square Pedestal with Cast Aluminum Pet Bowl

Model Number:  M-PFS Series
The standard unit features a hand operated self-closing spigot valve (M-PFS). A pushbutton unit features a pushbutton with a large escutcheon and a separate spout (M-PF). Freeze resistant units are also availalbe with the addition of the -FRU1 option.
Product Function:
Simple design pet fountain

Regularly Furnished:
Pedestal shall be a square shaped heavy duty iron casting and hexagonal base shall have four mounting holes. The pedestal shall be finished with a heavy grade of oil-based brown enamel. Bowl shall be round, aluminum alloy casting two 0.375 inch holes for draining. Standard unit features a spigot valve, self-closing, handle operated and constructed of cast brass with a rough chrome plated finish. Supply line shall be lead free brass piping with 0.5 inch NPT connection .
Product Details
  • Material:  Cast Iron
  • Pet Friendly:  Yes
  • Activation:  Spigot
  • Finish Available:  Brown , Black , Green
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Installing M-PFS Pet Fountain (pdf)Square Pedestal with Cast Aluminum Pet Bowl specifically for fountain with hand operated self-closing spigot valve (M-PFS)486 KBView


  • M-PF Push Button Fountain
  • M-PFS Spigot Fountain