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outdoor wall, ground, yard hydrants


Hydrant products include:

  • Cast Iron Accessories
  • Cast Iron Post Hydrant
  • Cast Iron Sanitary Post Hydrant
  • Cast Iron/Bronze Ground Hydrant
  • Commercial Boxed Wall Hydrant
  • Commercial Exposed Wall Hydrant
  • Commercial Ground Hydrant
  • Commercial Post and Yard Hydrants
  • Freeze-Resistant Roof Hydrants
  • Heavy-Duty Floor Hose Boxes
  • Heavy-Duty Hose Bibbs
  • Heavy-Duty Wall Hose Boxes
  • Light Commercial Exposed Wall Hydrant
  • Sanitary Light Commercial Hydrants

Murdock Hydrants offer quick and easy access to outdoor water sources, and are available in standard post designs, lever and foot pedal operation, hose boxes and more.