Round Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
Round Stainless Steel Pet FountainRound Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
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Round Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Model Number:  GRT75-PF Series
Model Series GRT75-PF is an on-the-floor, outdoor pet drinking fountain intended for wall mounting. The unit shall be made from an 18 gage, 304 stainless steel bowl mounted into a green powder coated 12 gage, heavy duty stainless steel receptor. Unit shall be activated by a side mounted, foot operated, self-closing button, and requiring less than 5 pounds of force to operate. Internally mounted valve includes an adjustable stream regulator controlling the water flow. Bubbler shall be polished chrome plated brass with a non-squirt feature and operate on water pressure range of 20-105 psig. Unit shall adhere to ANSI/NSF 61, Section 9 and Federal Public Law 111-380.

GRT75-PF-RFS is a free-standing version of the unit. The waste outlet is on the bottom of the unit.

Regularly Furnished:

18 gage, 304 stainless steel bowl; 12 gage, heavy duty steel receptor,
corrosion and scratch resistant finish; Polished chrome plated brass, anti-rotation
non-squirt bubbler; 100 mesh inlet strainer

Product Details
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Freeze-Resistance:  Available Option
  • Activation:  Push Button
  • Style:  Round
  • Finish Available:  Green , All-Stainless Steel , Blue , Red
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NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual GRT75-PF-RFS Pet Fountain (pdf)Free-Standing Round Steel Pet Fountain (parts list shown)352 KBView
NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual Option -NP (pdf)Manual Option -NP, Non-pollutable, freeze resistant Valve; includes repair parts1542 KBView
Installing Freeze Resistant Pedestal Drinking Fountains-FRU1, -FRU2, -FRU3, -FRU41892 KBView
Installing GRT75-PF Pet FountainInstalling GRT75-PF Pet Fountain1187 KBView
Manual GRT75-PF-RFS Pet Fountain (pdf)Free-Standing Round Steel Pet Fountain (parts list shown)352 KBView



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