Murdock Releases New Hydrant Product Line

Download and read Murdock's New Hydrant Product Line.

Murdock, leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of outdoor drinking fountains, hydrants, pre-engineered park and recreation buildings, and bicycle security lockers, has released an exciting new hydrant product line and hydrant brochure. Available today on the Murdock website, this brochure showcases the expanded offering in a clear layout for a faster understanding of the hydrant’s application.

Murdock’s new, 22-page brochure features 16 new hydrants for institutional, commercial and light commercial markets. It has been redesigned with enhanced product images, clearer product descriptions, user-friendly hydrant feature charts and a clean, modern look.

Starting today, customers needing a new, durable and attractive hydrant need to look no further than the Murdock website, where they can easily find a variety of different hydrants. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a hydrant that meets the requirements of any facility