Murdock Announces the Addition of Five New Hydrants

Download and read Turn to Murdock Hydrants flyer to learn more.

Murdock Manufacturing is pleased to announce the addition of five new hydrants to its product offering and a new sales flyer that displays Murdock’s entire expanded hydrant offering.

By partnering with leading hydrant manufacturer Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., Murdock is able to offer a wider selection of hydrants for a variety of applications. Our newest hydrants join our recently expanded line of boxed wall and ground hydrants, exposed wall hydrants, post and yard hydrants, and special application hydrants.

  • 3515 - This boxed wall hydrant is intended for use on the outside of buildings where freeze protection is required. It features an integral vacuum breaker, integral service shut off valve, dual check valve and stainless steel box with locking cover to conceal the hydrant and prevent unauthorized use.
  • 3615 - This exposed wall hydrant provides freeze protection and can be installed on interior or exterior walls in areas where an exposed hose connection is acceptable. This hydrant is equipped with an integral breaker, integral service shut-off valve and dual check valve.
  • 3518 - This boxed wall hydrant can be installed indoors or outdoors in non-freezing climates. It comes equipped with an integral vacuum breaker and a locking cover to prevent unauthorized use.
  • 3903 - This roof hydrant is designed to provide freeze protection by locating the valve housing below roof level in a heated or insulated area and draining the water from the casing after shut-off into the sealed canister.
  • 3907 - This roof hydrant offers freeze protection with a 1/8” drain hole that must be piped to a drain location. It is equipped with a dual check valve to prevent backflow.

More information on our newest hydrants can be found by downloading submittals in our resource library or visiting the hydrants pages in our Products section.