Medical FacilitiesMurdock Manufacturing - Taking care of your needs while you attend to others since 1853
Murdock fits your caregivingMedical FacilitiesBF16 Series Bottle Fillter

H2O-to-Go!® Bottle Fillers

During your busy shift caring for others and saving lives, it's easy for hydration to take a back seat. Fill up your cup at a Murdock BF16 bottle filler so you can continue to be at your best for yourself and your patients.

Murdock Bottle Fillers dispense 1 gallon of water per minute so you can fill up fast and get back to your patients, stat.

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Fill Up Fast with H2O-to-Go!

  • Standalone, Wall-Mounted Bottle Filler
  • Universal Mounting Points for easy retrofit
  • 1 GPM Fill Rate
  • Fold-down housing for easy maintenance.
  • Optional display (-BCD) for number of plastic bottles saved
Standalone Bottle Filling Station
Easy-to-Service Water Bottle Filling Station
School FacilitiesMurdock Manufacturing - Keeping kids hydrated and focused on their education since 1853
Murdock fits your school daySchool FacilitiesA172-UG-BF12 Series Water Cooler & Bottle Filler

Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains

Whether they're waiting on the school bell, at lunch, or looking for a cool drink after school, Murdock bi-level water coolers with attached bottle fillers offer the perfect combination to keep kids hydrated. By installing an A172 Series bi-level water cooler with an H2O-to-Go!® Bottle Filler, schools can save as many as 4000 plastic bottles per month!

Keep kids informed on how they are actively impacting the world with optional counter that tallies the number of plastic bottles saved! Mounted just above the dispenser, you see a live action account of how many plastic bottles you are saving.

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VenuesMurdock Manufacturing - Matching your rhythm since 1853
Murdock fits your celebrationVenuesA171-UG-BF12 Series Water Cooler

Murdock Water Coolers

Let Murdock be a part of your celebration! If you're dancing the night away to celebrate, fill up at a water cooler or bottle filler so you can keep going into the wee hours.

Murdock not only matches your rhythm, we can also match your color scheme with custom logos and images on our water coolers and bottle fillers. Ask us how!

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Maintenance staffMurdock Manufacturing - A friend to the maintenance staff since 1853
Murdock fits your busy scheduleMaintenance staffBF16 Series Bottle Fillter

Murdock Maintenance Advantage

Maintaining building systems is no easy task, but let Murdock make water cooler maintenance easier on you with the Murdock Maintenance Advantage!

One key tool unlocks the Murdock Maintenance Advantage features on our A171 and A172 water coolers. This tool removes the pushbutton so you can:

  • Remove and clean the strainer
  • Remove and replace the valve cartridge
  • Lower the EZ Doorâ„¢ and replace the filter

All of these important maintenance functions can be done without getting down on the floor and removing the shroud, giving you time back in your busy schedule.

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Active LifestyleMurdock Manufacturing - Providing you flexible options for your flexible life since 1853
Murdock fits your active lifestyleActive LifestyleA131-VR Series Water Cooler

Murdock Drinking Fountains

Don't let dehydration disturb your inner peace. Murdock provides options for your optimal hydration and vitality. Stop for a drink at one of our drinking fountains or fill up your bottle to take on the go.

Murdock A131-VR drinking fountains include a vandal-resistant pushbutton for lasting durability, so it's always there when you need it, while also allowing easy access to the push button for routine maintenance that allows it to continue performing day after day, just like you

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Owner with dog drinking fountainMurdock Manufacturing - Hydration wherever you may wander since 1853
Murdock fits your outdoor adventureOwner with dog drinking fountainGRM45 Series Outdoor Water Fountain

Murdock Water Filters

If you're crushing those fitness goals with your best friend by your side, Murdock is there for you! Stop for a hydration break on the trail so you're ready to perform your best.

We aren't the only ones that enjoy fresh water; our furry friends do too. Murdock Water Fountains with attached Pet Fountains meet the needs of both man and his best friend.

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Ask About Our Custom Colors, Logos, and Designs

Drinking Fountain Custom Colors and Graphics

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Murdock provides nearly endless custom capabilities to ensure that our Bottle Fillers, Drinking Fountains, and Water Coolers become unified elements of your facility. Customize most any Murdock product with personalized colors, logos, and graphics!

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