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M-3560QT Hydrant (dwg)Twin-Temp Hydrant and PB Box
M-3672, M-3673 Hydrants (dwg)Mild Climate, Sillcock - 1/2", 3/4" NPT, Rough Brass
M-3812 Hydrant (dwg)Boxed Ground Hydrant - 1-1/4" Inlet Connection
M-3904 Hydrant (dwg)Non-Freeze Sanitary Post/Yard Hydrant - 3/4" Inlet
M-3906 Hydrant (dwg)Non-Freeze Sanitary Roof Hydrant - 3/4" Inlet
M-3909 Hydrant (dwg)Post Type Hydrant - 3/4" Inlet Connection
M-40 Fountain (mcd)Retro Round Foot Pedal Operated
M-5150 Hydrant (dwg)1-1/2" Boxed Ground Hydrant
M-575, M-6100 Hydrant (dwg)3/4", 1" Boxed Ground Hydrant with Locking Lid
M-75, M-100 Hydrant (dwg)3/4", 1" Compression Hydrant