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M-175 Hydrant (dwg)3/4" Self-Closing Lever Handle Hydrant, Side Union Inlet
M-200 Hydrant (dwg)2" Compression Hydrant, Side Inlet
M-3672-BFP, M3673-BFP Hydrants (dwg)M-3672 and M-3673 with Dual Check Valve
M-475, M-5100 Hydrants (dwg)3/4", 1" Boxed Ground Hydrant, with Cast Iron Box
M-OBR4-GRD Bottle Filler with Drinking Fountain (rfa)Recessed Outdoor Bottle Filler with Bi-Level Round Drinking Fountain
RFA M-3509QT HydrantQuarter-Turn Wall Hydrant and SS Box
RFA M-3519 HydrantGuardian Dual Check Wall Hydrant and SS Box
RFA M-3560QT HydrantTwin-Temp Hydrant and PB Box
RFA M-3609QT HydrantQuarter-Turn Wall Hydrant
RFA M-3619 HydrantGuardian Dual Check Wall Hydrant