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We specialize in providing solutions to ensure constant access to fresh tap water in public spaces. We offer a wide selection of water delivery and hydration stations that promote ecological, economic and proven solutions, including indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, bottle fillers, water coolers and pet fountains.

City Market Murdock Outdoor Drinking Fountain

City Market

Custom Murdock Drinking Fountain in Europe

Custom Drinking Fountain

We Take Care of Our Customers

"We make sure that customers always receive the products they need, and if necessary, we adapt our devices to individual needs. In addition we know that everyone would like to have a one-of-a-kind project, which is why at the customer’s request we paint and mark devices in accordance with the requirements of our customers. Together, we create solutions tailored to your needs."

Topserw Team

Your Benefits:

  • A wide range of top quality tap water distribution equipment.
  • Professional advice as well as technical and commercial support.
  • Delivery in line with expectations.
  • Support at every stage: site selection, installation, assembly and operation.
Murdock Drinking Fountain Options in Europe

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Murdock European Distribution Cooperation

Cooperate With Us!

We invite local companies to cooperate with us. Drinking fountains are a great way to expand your business area. We provide professional, technical and product consulting. From our side, you can count on the necessary sales and marketing materials. Contact us and learn the details!

Address: 05-220 Zielonka, Marecka 66a, Poland
Phone: +48 883-390-585
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Product Categories

We offer a wide range of different products for many needs. View our literature to learn more about our products and how we can customize them to enhance the surrounding area! Choose a product category below to see a variety of sizes and shapes offered for each product.

  • Indoor Drinking Fountains

    Custom Indoor Drinking Fountains in Europe

    Indoor Drinking Fountains provide clean, refreshing water in an array of indoor applications including schools, commercial offices, gymnasiums, airports and many more.

    Indoor Drinking Fountains & Water Coolers in Europe

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  • Outdoor Drinking Fountains

    Outdoor Drinking Fountain Distributor in Europe

    Outdoor Drinking Fountains provide convenient hydration for people and pets in any outdoor environment, including city and regional parks, sports complexes, dog parks and more.

    Murdock Outdoor Drinking Fountain Distributor in Europe

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  • H2O to go!®

    Indoor Bottle Filler Distributor in Europe

    Enjoy the clean, simple and stylish design of H2O to go!® Indoor Bottle Fillers. H2O to go!® is a refreshing and eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. Fill up, cool down, get going!

    Bottle Filler Distributor in Europe

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  • Bottle Fillers

    Outdoor Bottle Filler Distributor in Europe

    Bottle Fillers are a fast, eco-friendly and innovative alternative to harmful waste associated with disposable plastic bottles. Bottle fillers are conveniently designed in Indoor and Outdoor models.

    Bottle Fillers in Europe

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We take pride in the products that we provide. We strive to offer products that are aesthetically coherent, durable and long-lasting. Check out dozens of Murdock® installation photos, including indoor, outdoor and custom models.

Our Locations

Murdock® distribution hub is located in Poland. Topserw Company is the entity responsible for the distribution of Murdock® products to the countries listed on the map below.

For many years, we have been specializing in providing solutions ensuring constant access to tap water in public space. Our offer includes a wide selection of distributors, sources and water stations straight from the water supply network. We place great emphasis on education and shaping awareness for healthy living and nutrition, which water is an inseparable element. In our activities, we promote ecological, economic and proven solutions such as drinking fountains. We focus on proven and reliable solutions.

Contact Us

Address: 05-220 Zielonka, Marecka 66a, Poland Phone: +48 883-390-585

Contact Sales Department
Phone +48 883 390 585
Phone +48 664 758 403
Contact Service Department
Phone +48 22 771 04 56
fax +48 22 771 93 80

The devices that we decide to distribute must meet European quality and safety standards. Therefore, each of the companies we cooperate with are 9001 certified and meet all required approvals and certificates. We also focus on continuous development and improvement of our qualifications, which is why from June 2004 we can boast of the Quality System Certificate PE-EN ISO 9001: 2015.