Indian Wells Tennis Garden Installs Bottle Fillers On Drinking Fountains

by ramsesMay 17, 2016

Indian Wells Tennis Garden Installs Bottle Fillers on Drinking Fountains

The staff at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden noticed an odd behavior taking place all around the facility. Almost no one was drinking directly from the drinking fountains. Instead, a few people were filling a cup or bottle from the arc of water, and then walking away.

This was a concern to the staff at Indian Wells Tennis Garden because they are located right in the Southern California desert. They wanted their patrons and players to stay hydrated.

After taking notice of the patrons filling their cups and bottles, Indian Wells Tennis Garden decided what was needed were bottle fillers made specifically for that purpose.

Scott Kincaid of Kincaid Industries, the plumbing contractor on the job, said that the Murdock Manufacturing bottle fillers were selected because of their stainless steel construction, and the fact they have minimal plastic or electronic parts. The bottle fillers were chosen for their simplicity, durability, and their ability to function well in an environment of extreme heat.

Durability wasn’t the only factor in the selection of the bottle fillers. The Indian Wells Tennis Garden is the home of the BNP Paribas Open, the largest combined ATP World Tour and WTA event in the world next to the four Grand Slams. With an expected 370,000 tennis fans in attendance for the March 3-16th event this year, the order for those bottle fillers had to be turned around quickly.

“We expressed our urgency and they [Murdock] were excellent with the time frame,” said Kincaid. “We were able to install them in conjunction with an existing chiller so that worked out really well.”

Acorn Engineering’s own President and COO, Tom Duddy is particularly happy about this job. Tom is a big tennis fan and has season tickets for the BNP Paribas Open.

“When you attend these tournaments you are out in the sun all day, probably about 75 percent of the seats are in the sun until the evening. It’s a dry heat out there so you can become dehydrated pretty quickly without knowing it. That’s why these bottle fillers are so important,” said Tom. “It was rare to see a bottle filler without a line in front of it.”

Tennis enthusiasts should not have to worry about standing in line to stay hydrated for too long. Kincaid said that Indian Wells Tennis Garden is incredibly pleased with the usage of the new bottle fillers and has plans to install eight additional units.

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