Custom Fabrication Saves the Day at Orlando International Airport

by ramsesMay 17, 2016
Custom Fabrication Saves the Day at Orlando International Airport

The Orlando International Airport needed to replace drinking fountains that had been installed several years ago. That sounds simple enough, but they faced two problems.

The first problem was that any new drinking fountains installed would leave the airport with a gaping hole surrounding those new fountains. That would add additional construction costs and labor to patch and paint the hole on top of the cost of the new fountains.

Their second problem came courtesy of the old mounting brackets already in the wall. Those old brackets didn’t match up to the brackets in the new drinking fountains. You may have stumbled on problems such as these yourself.

The Orlando International Airport decided to go with Murdock Manufacturing drinking fountains to replace the old units. One of the reasons they chose Murdock was our ability to solve both of those problems through custom fabrication.

Murdock is not just in the business of making drinking fountains. At any given time at our factory, we are making stainless steel toilets, sinks, cabinets, fixtures and more. As a result, we have the resources and know-how to tackle stainless steel custom fabrication whenever it’s needed.

To first solve the problem of the gaping hole in the wall, we created a stainless steel panel that perfectly matched the new drinking fountains. As you can see from the picture the panel looks less like a patch over the hole, than it does a design feature.

Solving the problem of the mounting brackets was as simple as modifying our drinking fountain brackets to match up with what was already in the wall.

Instead of having to tear open the wall further to install new mounting brackets and then deal with the additional costs of doing extensive patching on the walls, it was just your basic drinking fountain installation.

At Murdock, we believe customers should not be forced to adapt their environment to the product they are installing. As specialists in custom stainless steel fabrication, we can adapt the product to fit your environment in an aesthetically pleasing way.

For more information about our drinking fountains and custom fabrication, browse our website or contact your local rep. You can find your local rep by clicking on the “Contact” menu.

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