EPA On a Mission To Bring Back the Water Fountain

by AdminApril 22, 2013

EPA on a Mission to Bring Back the Water Fountain

Spend an hour or two in a city park or town playground and you’ll notice something very odd. Everywhere people are spending their hard earned money on something that is available for free. Often times the free option being superior to the one they pay for. What is it?


Our cities and municipalities country-wide spend billions of dollars every year to bring clean tap water directly to visitors and residents. They work hard to make sure that clean water is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Well, it seems the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tired of our perfectly healthy water supply going unused.

In her article Bring Back the Water Fountain Nancy K. Stoner, Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water, U.S. EPA says, “Last summer I was walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans, one of my favorite cities. It was a hot, steamy New Orleans summer day and I suddenly found myself thirsty, so I started looking around for a water fountain to quench my thirst. After several blocks of fruitless searching, I realized that while there is a lively bar on every corner, there are no drinking fountains in sight.”

The EPA is working with Mayors across the country to reinvigorate our nation’s supply of public drinking fountains. They state, “we are working together to help bring back water fountains to our parks, playgrounds, school yards, city streets and town centers in order to provide access to clean, safe and healthy drinking water for people of all ages.”

In his book Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water, Peter H. Gleick tells the unfortunate story of football fans in the Bright House Networks stadium at the University of Central Florida being overcome with heat-related illnesses. The stadium had been built without a single drinking fountain.

Pug with Murdock Fountain

Murdock drinking fountain with pet bowl

What steps are you taking to help prevent heat-related illnesses and dehydration?

If you are planning on installing water fountains in your parks, playgrounds, school yards city streets, town centers and even stadiums here are some tips to choose the right fountain.

1.    Is the area you are looking at used frequently by bikers, walkers and runners?
Consider installing outdoor bottle fillers a few miles apart. Those using the park can fill up their own reusable bottle as they go, reducing plastic water bottle garbage littering the landscape.

2.    Do temperatures often dip below freezing?
There are a wide variety of year-round drinking fountains available. These will actually save you money by leaving them on and available all year long. You’ll no longer need to send crews out every winter to turn the water supply off and again in spring to turn the supply back on.

3.    Who will benefit from your drinking fountain?
Make sure your drinking fountain is ADA approved and accessible to children. Of course, don’t forget Fido. He’d benefit from a slow drain bowl attachment.

4.    Is your drinking fountain vandal resistant?
For reasons most of us cannot fathom, some people just like to destroy things. Can the drinking fountain you choose stand up to serious wear and tear? Avoid high maintenance costs by choosing a fountain that can stand the test of time and teens.

Murdock drinking fountain on Ohio playground 1929

If you would like more information on durable, year-round drinking fountains, please visit us on our website at https://www.murdockmfg.com/. We are celebrating 160 years of providing communities like yours with safe drinking water. Some of the very first fountains and hydrants manufactured by Murdock are still in use today.


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