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by ramsesDecember 11, 2013
This past October we invited over 200 reps from around the world to come to California to celebrate Morris Group International 360 (MGI 360). The event recognized four Morris Group International companies celebrating significant anniversaries.

MGI360 Celebration - Murdock Mfg. 160 YearsThe MGI 360 celebration recognized Acorn Engineering (60 years), Potter Roemer (75 years), Elmco Group (65 years) and of course, Murdock Manufacturing (160 years).

“Where did the time go?” asked Bob Murdock, President, Murdock Manufacturing to a packed ballroom during the morning’s opening ceremony.

By telling a story, Bob conveyed the significance of being a family owned company that’s been around for generations. “One of our customers had a hydrant on his family farm for fifty or sixty years. He called us because he had a leak. We shipped new washers out to him, and his hydrant is still good to go and back in operation. It’s a thrill to be able to do that.”

MGI360 Murdock TourWhile we are proud of our past and our core principles remain the same, the anniversary event was focused on what we are doing today and where we are heading in the future when it comes to manufacturing water delivery systems.

Today at Murdock Manufacturing, we are still making products that will be used by many future generations. We are confident in saying that because we continue to anticipate trends and keep up to date on building codes and regulations.

While developing new products our customers are looking for is important, just keeping up with trends is not enough. Since we answer to our customers, not stockholders, every new product is made with the durability our customers have come to expect.

Our outdoor bottle fillers are one such example. They are made with vandal resistant stainless steel and designed to have low maintenance costs. We’ve even designed them so they bolt from the inside so no one can steal them.

MGI360 Tour - EmployeesReps visiting with us for the celebration got to see the manufacturing process for themselves during a plant tour. But it wasn’t just about seeing the products they recommend being made. They also got to meet our employees who make and test those products.

Perhaps the highlight of the tour was a stop at customer service where reps, for the first time, got to meet the men and women they’ve talked to on the phone for years.

When asked where plumbing is heading in the future, Bob Murdock says, “more fresh water, more drinkable water, more desalinization plants.”

For those of us living in North America, we have come to expect clean safe drinking water in our homes, parks, schools and offices. However, according to a study by the World Health Organization and UNICEF 884 million people – 37% of whom live in Sub–Saharan Africa – still use unimproved sources for drinking water.

Murdock RepMurdock manufacturing wants to play a role in providing clean safe drinking water to the world.

“We must get safe drinking water to places that don’t have electricity. There is a need for cheap effective solar desalinization plants. It’s my vision they will have the Murdock name on them.”

Care to share your vision of the future of plumbing? Head over to the Murdock Mfg. Facebook page and let us know.

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