This year Murdock Manufacturing, a division of Morris Group International, is celebrating 160 years in business.

Just to put things in perspective here are a few other things that started in 1853.

  • First practical fire engine (horse-drawn) in US enters service
  • Verdi’s opera “Il Trovatore,” premieres in Rome
  • The first passenger rail opens in India, from Bori Bunder, Bombay to Thane (Our transcontinental railway had not yet been built, 1853 was when congress authorized the survey)
  • First US World’s fair opens (Crystal Palace NY)
  • Chef George Crum serves the first potato chip
  • John Morrissey wins boxing title
  • First electric telegraph used

The construction and plumbing industry knows how important longevity is. Your customers want to know you’ll be there down the road to answer questions and fix what needs fixing.

Just as your longevity is important to your customers, the longevity of the manufacturers who make all the components that go into your buildings and outdoor spaces is just as important.

Yes, you want to buy from a company who stands behind their product today. But your sons, daughters and grand children want you to do business with a manufacturer who will still be standing behind those products when they take over your family business.

Murdock M-75 Post HydrantIn 1853 Murdock began manufacturing what later became the M-75 post type, year-round hydrant. Many of our products made over a century ago can still be maintained with original parts to be made serviceable again. Five generations of Murdock family have made that commitment.

Even though you’ll often find old Murdock drinking fountains and hydrants at antique markets and in museums, we can still rebuild them and make them like new. Using the best materials available from the beginning allows us to build products that last generations.

“One of our customers had a hydrant on their farm for fifty or sixty years. He called us because he had a leak. We shipped new washers out to him and his hydrant is still good to go and back in operation. It’s a thrill to be able to do that.”
Bob Murdock, President Murdock Manufacturing

And while longevity is a good thing it’s only possible to last this long when you stay current to the needs of your customers. Some things our never outmoded, such as our commitment to provide safe drinking water. It’s how you provide that safe drinking water that must stay constantly up to date and even ahead of the trends.

Today we not only manufacture some of our original designs, we also have expanded into water coolers that are child and adult ADA compliant as well as bottle fillers and pet fountains.

Where are we headed in the future?

“We must get safe drinking water to places that don’t have electricity. There is a need for cheap effective solar desalinization plants. It’s my vision they will have the Murdock name on them.” Bob Murdock, President, Murdock Manufacturing.

Murdock Fountain Lake Placid NYTake a walk down memory lane with us, and our customers, by viewing our collection of historical photographs.

We hope you join us in our celebration by participating in our monthly photo contest. Show us how you are using Murdock products today and just maybe we’ll be talking about them another 160 years from today.


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